NLP: The Essential Guide

Welcome To Your Resource Site For “NLP: The Essential Guide!”

You may have already read quite a bit of the book or you may be looking through it for the first time. In either case, this is where you’ll find demonstrations, additional materials and bonus activities and examples of the processes described in the book and some additional ones.

These resources will help you discover the many different ways in which you can use these vital tools. As you do so you’ll begin to notice the simple and easy ways in which you are already enjoying more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in your life.

You might find it fun to start by making a list of a few simple things that you want to accomplish as a result of using what you’re learning in this book. Starting with a few simple things will give you that sense of accomplishment a great way to build your confidence in your ability to use these fascinating new materials to best suit you.

Throughout this site we’ll be using a lot of excerpts from our two major NLP distance learning programs, the NLP Comprehensive Portable Practitioner and Portable Master Practitioner programs. They are complete resources of NLP created by masters of teaching and using NLP. We will also include other resources from our extensive library organized here to make your exploration and inclusion of NLP in your life as accessible and satisfying as possible. So please let us know in the comments how this is working for you, and how we can make this journey even more easily satisfying for you.

This site and the book were designed together to work together. The first part of the book and the site is designed to give you the tools and  understandings to increase your self-awareness and personal change skills. Most of the models and processes are based on NLP, a functional modeling system for human behavior. If NLP is new and mysterious, here’s an introduction by our Senior Trainer Tom Best.

The first part of the site features a lot of video and extra materials and examples to make it easier to get these essential models and change processes “in your muscle” as we say in NLP, meaning to make them automatically available for you. The second part of the book focuses on increasing your awareness and ease in understanding and working with other people. Using the same processes you learned in Section One, Section Two frames and applies these processes, and a few new ones, to understanding and influencing others.

This site is a work in progress, and I look forward to your input, feedback, questions and suggestions. Tracy Hoobyar, Tom’s daughter and an accomplished NLP’er in her own right, and I will be watching daily and responding to you.

So go ahead, explore, and if somehow you’ve gotten this far without a copy of the book, you can get one now. Most important, have fun and


Tom Dotz

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  1. Hi there, I purchased your audio book to further enhance my NLP skills. I’ve heard it mentioned several times while listening, that as a result of this purchase I have access to resources on your website that normally appear in the printed version. Can you tell me where to find these? Thanks so much. Leanne

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